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Worth The Wait 2

Wait I say because haste makes mistakes! My sister talked and talked just to make me understand what I was really getting into and that there was no need to rush things.

I listened attentively, but I had my plans in my mind already, my body was shaking me, I couldn't stop thinking about my boyfriend! One beautiful evening like that, we took a stroll, talked, laughed, and had a good time. "I have to go now before dad comes back home," I said. So he gave me a good kiss which I couldn't forget in a while! I got back to the house, and I said to myself, "if he kisses me so good like this, imagine if we......" I shook that dirty thought off my mind. Sunday came, and when it was evening, I left the house for his place to be introduced to his family.

They all liked me; his mum asked me a series of questions which I tried my possible best to answer wisely. After a few hours, I left; Shammah saw me off, and we hugged and kissed again; I loved it, so off I went. That was how I became a regular face in his family house most Sunday evenings, and we were all used to it. Whenever I got there, we spent the most time in his room on the bed with my head on his chest, talking and fondling each other a few minutes before my leaving; we would step out, sit together with his parents, then I'll finally leave.

After talking on the phone on a particular weekday, I told him I'd come. I couldn't wait for Sunday. I knew his parents wouldn't be at home, so off I went. Straight to his room, on the bed, as usual, seeing a movie together. The atmosphere was already intense; my guy was already hard down there. I decided to go down on him. Hmmmmm, when I say he is big! Yes, very large down there! Fear gripped me. My mouth couldn't contain it! I tried and made sure I satisfied him, and he was so impressed! "I didn't know you were this good, babe," he said. I smiled back.

Immediately after I got home, I took a shower, and while on my bed, I could hear myself saying to myself, "I thought you promised to keep yourself sexually pure until you guys get married?" "Don't start what you cannot finish, Dora" "you don't wanna have sex till you marry; why are you stirring up the tiger inside of you?". All these questions and more kept hovering on my mind, but I shrugged them all off. "After all, we would get married, so it doesn't matter whether we start now or later," I said to myself. My emotions had gotten the best part of me.

So when he called that evening, he told me how much he had missed me! And how he wished we could spend the night together. I imagined all this, and it was so sweet. So I took up the courage and voiced out, "babe, me I can't anymore o, I wanna really be intimate with you, I want to experience it too." He asked me, "are you really sure?" "You know I won't force you to do what you don't want to do." I said, "babe, let's start it once and for all!"

To be continued...

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