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Worth Waiting For

There are some decisions that can be made hastily and you can easily altar with little or no regret but marriage isn't one of them!

"Those teachings and training you are boycotting and avoiding, you will eventually learn them the hard way" those were the words of my big sister, which I was never too serious about. "I'll learn everything when I get married," so I said to myself. I grew up in a very peaceful and beautiful home, but we weren't taught a lot of things about the matters of relationships, sex, or marriage especially; that topic was just uncomfortable in my house. So one way or the other, I learned some funny things, especially from foreign romance movies.

I was on a year of industrial training (i studied statistics) when I met this guy. He came to the bank where I worked to make some transactions; I attended to him as I did to our other customers with that beautiful smile and liveliness of mine. I never knew I made an impression! Weeks later, he came back for another transaction which somebody else attended to. While I looked up, I saw him smiling and waving at me as if we were friends; I was a little bit surprised but played along. "It seems you don't remember me," he said; I don't think so, "I replied."

He tried to explain how I attended to him the last time he came and how impressed he was. "Oh, I never knew," I said. "I'm Shammah, by the way," he replied. He asked for mine, which I told him to. "If you wouldn't mind, I'll love to get your contact so we can talk better; you know, I like your vibes." "Wao, somebody is liking my vibes I said." He handed me his phone, and I typed in my number. "Here you go" I handed the phone back to him, and off he went. And that was how the situation began(permit my English!), At this time, I had two months left to round up my training. Less than an hour, I already saw his message on my WhatsApp introducing himself. So the conversation started, who he is, where he is from, what he studied, his family, and every other conversation that popped up in our heads.

Back at home, I was always with my phone, either talking, chatting, or laughing like a balloon. Most times, we talked till late in the night, just saying unnecessary things! It was just so obvious to my big sister that something had happened to this girl. "They've started deceiving you again, abi"? She asked; I just kept on smiling and staring at her. "Who are you talking to that is making you shine your teeth almost all the time"? So I had to start talking, "Ehmmmm, I met him during my IT, he's very nice and responsible." "Is that all"? My sister asked me. I told her all that Shammah told me about himself, but I could just read her countenance of dissatisfaction.

She wasn't convinced. "You know it takes a lot of time to know people, their purpose for life, their goals, their principle about life, their beliefs so you can know if you guys are compatible," she explained. She continued, "you yourself, what do you know about relationship or marriage, are you prepared spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, socially, and morally?" "Is this Shammah of a boy also prepared?" She asked. And to all her questions, I kept nodding to affirm that we were set!

"What does he do for a living?" she asked again, "he just graduated from the University, so he's about to go serve," I replied. "And you said he's ready?"

To be continued...

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