Would You Hire An Incompetent Managing Director Or Ceo To Manage Your Company?

This article compares the roles and responsibilities of a managing director or CEO in a company to that of political office holders (Hired Politicians)

Someone who is familiar with a company or organization's setting, particularly private organizations, would tend to agree with me that the democratic system of government was designed to operate in a similar fashion to companies structure. When a company owner hires a managing director/CEO and is saddled with the responsibility of managing the company, s/he does that with an expectation that the CEO would promote the growth and development of the company. The managing director would usually be hired for a certain period of time, say three, four years, or more. But when the managing director didn't meet up with the expectation of the company, s/he is usually replaced with someone who demonstrated more competency at the expiration of his/her contract; or in a worse situation even before the expiration of the contract.

The case is similar to political officeholders. Citizens are the country owners, and they hire them (politicians) through balloting to serve the purpose of their country. Before they are hired, they usually present their resume/CV showing their competencies and the agendas they have for the country. And when finally hired, they are expected to execute their plans and agendas for the growth and development of the country.

But when they fail to meet up with the expectation of the owners of the country (the citizens) who hired them, they are to be replaced at the expiration of their tenure in office with more competent managing directors/CEOs who would meet up with the expectation of the country; or in a very worse situation. They are to be sacked by the representatives of the owners of the country, in a similar way that board of directors does. The representatives of the citizens are usually the senators and house of representatives at the federal government level; members house of assembly at the state level; and councilors at the local government level.

Democracy is designed to function as the government of the people, for the people, and by the people. The people are primarily the owners of the government, so they are to hire competent and trustworthy individuals to run the government. When they hire an incompetent individual, like an incompetent managing director in a company, s/he will end up destroying the country in a similar fashion that an incompetent managing director or CEO does to a company. 

By the way, that's one of the reasons why getting employment in an established private company is usually competitive; because they look for competent individuals who possess the skills needed and dedication to take the organization/company to a greater height. They are not after individuals looking for an opportunity to put food on their table (although the companies/organizations might have a good salary and welfare packages to care for employees' needs). 

That reminded me of the story of a job seeker who was asked in an interview: "why do you want to do this job?" His answer was: "so that I can get money to settle my bills, my children's school fees, and my house rent. My house rent will expire soon, and I don't have any money to pay, and when it expires, the Landlord will chase me and my family out; and I don't know where to go next!" 

Although his responses were emotional and valid reasons why he needed a job, he wasn't employed because the recruiters didn't see how the company would benefit from him if he was eventually employed. Perhaps, the company already has a good salary package and competitive allowances for employees that could care for their needs.

Similarly, politicians are not hired to enrich themselves with the masses' resources; rather, they are hired to manage the resources for the country's good and owners (the citizens). But unfortunately, in Nigeria and some other countries in the world, even though good salaries and competitive allowances are offered to the hired politicians, they still siphon into their pockets- the wealth and resources that are meant for the well-being of the country's owners and the development of the country at large. They are provided with tight security that's more sophisticated than that of the citizens to enable them to discharge their duties and responsibilities effectively. Yet, they abuse the trust given to them.

Now, In a private company, would the owners of the company fold their arms watching the hired managing director siphoning their wealth? Would the owners of the company remain indifferent while the managing director misuses the company's resources and tarnishes the image of the company? Definitely not! Perhaps, they would call for an emergency board meeting where they would present a sacking letter to the managing director and replace him/her with a more competent and trustworthy individual, or they would refuse to renew his/her contract. Can a hired managing director who failed to meet up with the expectation of the company's owners be allowed to recommend the next managing director of the company? If s/he is allowed to do so, what kind of managing director would s/he recommend? Most likely, s/he would recommend someone that will dance to his/her own tune or cover up his mismanagement, and allow him/her to go unpunished.

However, would a wise company owner consider the recommendation of a failed managing director on who to succeed him/her?...

Therefore, as the general election is approaching- a moment that you'll choose a managing director to manage the affairs of your company (Nigeria). What kind of managing director would you hire? Would you hire someone that will meet up with the company's expectations? Would you hire someone who will advance the growth and development of your company? Would you hire a former managing director that previously mismanaged your company's resources or siphoned your wealth into his/her pocket? Would you heed the recommendation of a failed managing director on who you should choose to manage your company? The choice is up to you!...

Consider the country (Nigeria)as your own company with your resources. Who will you choose to serve as the managing director? What criteria would you look at to ensure that only competent and trustworthy managers are hired to manage the country? Remember, when a bad managing director mismanages and destroys your company, the impact will not be felt by you alone, but your children and many others that depended on the company would be affected as well.  Therefore, think twice, and choose wisely. You should know that political office holders are public servants hired to manage the affairs of the country effectively; leading to her growth and development as well as the citizens' well-being.

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