Writing As A Form Of Escapism.

Writing gives me the power to be free from the power of being conditioned.

When I was six years old, I remember taking my mom's ledger and writing short stories in them. Most of them are borne out of boredom, some of them being a product of escapism.

I remember these stories that I'd write- typical stories about anything and everything. My mind suddenly became a canvas, where my creative abilities could paint a beautiful or messy picture. It didn't matter to six-year-old me; so far these stories took me to an entirely different world, I was completely fine with it.

I never understood how my mind could paint such vivid pictures of my writing. I did not grasp the concept behind the little spirit that took me on a journey that I had never been on before, places that only existed in the back of my mind. Places I would not have explored if not for writing. Writing created a safe space for me, a place where I could be myself without judgment or criticism. It was my world, and I basked in it. It made me understand my wackiness better and made me understand my being was far greater than what people had conditioned it to be. As I grew older, I started to understand these beautiful pictures in my mind. I started to grasp the concept behind these murals my writings had painted. It made me understand why I saw writing as my safe space- my own comfort zone.

People have different things that serve as a means of escapism to them.

It could be music; it could be watching pigeons eat bread by their windowsill. I never understood how people found solace in these things when I had found solace in writing myself. It took me years to understand why I felt at peace whenever I put ink down on paper. When I finally understood my mind, it was like the floodgates had been opened. It was the perfect answer I had been seeking all these years!

Writing has always been my Escapism. It has always been that one thing that takes me on a trip to Utopia. It gives me a euphoric moment. A feeling way beyond anything sensual. I didn't quite understand it until much later, but I'm glad I understand and can resonate with it.

Everyone has different ways of escaping reality. It pays to pretend that you are in a different world. It gives you room to imagine the unimaginable, in the best way possible. With everything going on in the world, escaping reality gives us that sense of hope that all will be well.

I'd leave you this parting note: Take your time and find your means of Escapism. Make peace with it and understand it. I promise it gives you that peace and clarity that you have never experienced.

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