Mad Man

Gently, mad man on street; Wandering around the streets morning and night; Anticipating for moon and stars on the gloomy sky;

Gently, mad man on street,
Wandering around the streets morning and night,
Anticipating for moon and stars on the gloomy sky,
Waving and smiling hilariously at the men hustling and working on Street,
Wearing rags and scarfs on his body,
Whom will I blame?

Mad man dine and wine with spiritual concoction on the tarmac,
Stoned and chased away by the bloody civilians near the lagoon,
Who will hear his silent cry,
Waves his word like a wordsmith on street reveals the bitter truth about the nation,
Nobody wanna listen to his cracked voices,
Yet he never stops speaking his jargon.

Be Careful Mad man on street,
Children on street are crossing the road,
Never trespass on their way,
The children are afraid of your scary faces,
It's the song of the street.
Sleeping on street doesn't care if he dies or not.

Mad man in love with a mad woman,
Two insane are both in love,
Sharing love memories on the street,
The street couldn't hold the hilarious laughter,
It's amazing two insane are in love,
The song of love played at their background.

Along the way, I walked to contribute
I gave the man a Penny to survive
Then he was heal,
Wondering maybe I'm the Messiah,
Yet he said I'm ugly and he hated me for passion.

What have I done wrong 💔😑
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