Yesterday Midnight

Yesterday midnight like 2 am, my girlfriend texted me in the middle of the night, her 5 years of relationship just ended.

I didn't even know how to comfort her; you know, breaking up with someone without insulting them personally hurts even less; I have had it with a manipulator to know how it feels; they practically convince you with words, looks, and actions that you are not enough for them. He's been manipulating her into thinking she wasn't good enough; her banging body and sexily made hips make even me pray to God to dash me small and commend her beauty all the time; my friend is in first-class, too, so I don't even understand why she believes this manipulating man a bit.

But then I know he must have made her feel like that all this time, and she must have allowed it because she loves him too much; well, it hurts. I know it is difficult but learn to let go, don't stay with someone that will manipulate you mentally into believing in his lie more than your own truth, I don't know how to offer to break up advice either, but I don't know who is reading this you just have to find a way to understand my message.

I met a guy here online once upon a time, and for real, I fell in love, but I cried almost every time because of his words until I understood that nobody could love you just like you love yourself. When you love yourself so much, you earn a love that respects your feelings, too, no one deserves to get hurt, but happy breakfast, girlfriend, better offer to await thee, cheersπŸ˜”.

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