Olayemi Faith 8 months ago


What do you do when you realize it's almost over? What do you do when your life flashes before your eyes, and you don't have control over it? What do you do when you realize you've just been there but not actually living life as you should? These are my questions to myself!

This morning was supposed to be the end
I thought it was finally over for me
I'm just 24, for crying out loud
it's not time for this yet
this is untimely!

These were all my thoughts this morning
on the verge of death
knocking on the gate of hell
this is rich coming from me, that has lots of plans postponed till later years

When are you doing this?
I'd answer: 2025; I still have enough time, I'm young.
When are you doing that?
Probably when I'm 30, you know there's plenty of time to live.

These were all my thoughts when I stood in front of the congregation in church, teaching the word of God.

I couldn't feel my heartbeat
all hell was let loose
sweat broke out
I clutched my dress over my chest
I couldn't breathe well
I tried screaming
nobody heard me.

My heartfelt trapped
I couldn't breathe well
screaming wasn't an option
tears didn't come
nothing else mattered
I just want to breathe and live

I felt myself falling
But my body didn't hit the ground 
My eyes weren't focused on anyone
look at me y'all!!!
I'm dying
Save me!

I'm only 24.

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