You Can Not Force It To Drink From It.

You can take the horse to the river, but can not force it to drink from it! That was what Adaugo shouted after my speech. An impromptu speech.

It was a few minutes into lunch break; we sat, all girls, having what we like to call "girls talk." Today, we would rather not discuss boys. We want something out of the usual. We started arguing about everything: why we needed to be in school, why our Literature teacher had to force us to read. The argument was increasing until someone asked: "Why is it that pastor's children are always wayward?" 

Silence engulfed us. You could hear a pin drop. It was as if the "pastor's child" was among us. I turned to find eyes on me. I scanned each eye, trying to find the slightest clue as to why the eyes were on me. Is my father a secret clergy? I went through my family in my head. Trying to find any clue I must have missed. I shrugged my shoulders, shifted in my seat, and asked: "why are their eyes on me?" 

They had been discussing this before this day. I feel like the whole "girl's talk" was all for this moment. They want to know what I have to say. But why? Favor, another girl in my class, said: "We saw Echefuna smoking." "And?" I asked. "well…" she continued, "He is your pastor's son. And I've heard his father go on and on about how it's bad to smoke and all. You need to tell us. Is it that their fathers are not strict enough, or are they busy dealing with church activities that they forgot to train their children?"

"Hmm… I wouldn't say so. I mean, what about the other kids whose parents are not pastors, yet they are wayward, were their parents also busy with church activities? Some people just don't take some advice and corrections. They choose to do things their way. Haven't you heard of people saying, "This kid was not trained." the question, however, isn't whether the kid was trained or not. The question is: Did the kid receive and accept the training given to them?" I looked at them again, seeing them nod to what I was saying. I continued. 

"Pastors might have told and directed their children on what and what not is right, but the children may have decided not to listen. Besides, God himself gave humans the will to decide what to do. I'm not dismissing the parent's part. The pastors, just like every other parent, might have also failed to train their children. But we should note: it's not about being a pastor; it is about being a parent. 

Every parent's child may decide not to be obedient."Adaugo, another student, finally concurring with my explanation, shouted: "Yes, it's true! You can take a horse to the river but can not force it to drink from it!" Silently, we all agreed I was right, and Adaugo's statement summed it up. I let out the breath I never knew I was holding as the discussion progressed. 

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