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"you Chose For Me But Didn't Choose Me For You".

📌In honor of the Berlin conference of 1884-1885 concerning Africa; and in honor of women who are constantly put down by misogyny and patriarchy in Africa

How is it that you sat there and decided?
Explain it.

Is that you now feign ignorance of what you did?
No, look at me and tell me.
Your eyes are guilty,
You can't even own up to the menace you caused.
Explain to me,
Explain it.

You constantly put me under,
You put me aside too,
You just shut me up and signal me to shush!
Every time I try to speak up,
You signal me to shush.
Explain why_
Explain the reason.

You choose for me always,
I have a mind of my own, you know_
Do you realize that?
Do you?
I'm asked what I want, you shush me again still and say that's what is suitable for her
You don't even look at me to know if I choose your choice,
You look at me to choose for me.

Yet, at the end of the day,
I'm not your choice,
Yet, at the end of the day,
You choose for me to keep me on a leash,
To be sure that I'm where you want me to be.
You choose me every single time, but you never choose me for you because even after you choose, I don't measure up to your choice.

You choose for me, and the choice is one that brings tears to my eyes,
You choose for me to keep me in the dark and drag me around on my leash,
You choose the color of my tears and the taste of my blood.
But I don't measure up, do I?

Did you choose me for you?
After you chose for me, the things I didn't have a choice for.
Your choices for me are choices that berate my being because, at the end of the day, I'm just not what measures up for you.
Why didn't you choose to step out with me proudly as one who measures up?

It is because, you know, your choices for me have held me bound.
It is because you know that in a million lifetimes,
I'd never be your choicest of humans,
I will never.
What's the point of making choices for me that put me down,
When you know, you know!
At the end of the day

You didn't choose me for you; you chose someone you think is worthy.
Because your choices for me are choices that keep me bound on a leash, and I have no choice.
You are the Alpha_
You make choices that constantly bring tears to my eyes because you have one that you have chosen suitable for you.

You chose for me but didn't choose me for you.
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