You Just May Need An Update Of The Picture Of The World In Your Head !

Life is always prompting us to do updates... An update of what? You ask - A beautiful question.

But first, a quote, Discovering that you were wrong is an update, not a failure, and your worldview is a living document meant to be revised" - Julia Galef

The way we view or picture the world dictates our actions. So to answer the question - An Update of what? Answer - A constant update of our picture of how the world works. Some things have stayed the same in our life that we would give anything to change. Know that things that have stayed the same are usually in areas where we have not updated our picture of how the world works - our start out or beginning view or picture of how the world works. To unearth things that have stayed the same, we simply ask ourselves the following questions -

  • What is our present situation in any area of our lives and
  • How different is this area now than it was six months or a year ago

If there is no difference, then you have an area where things have stayed the same. Then we now have the task to determine those things have stayed the same things stayed the same for either of two reasons -

  1. INACTION on our part or
  2. Incorrect or ineffective ACTIONs we take based on our incomplete picture of the design of things or picture of the reality of how things work - if one has been taking action and things are still the same, then we may have an incomplete picture of the design of how things work

First, let's take INACTION.

Whatever stops you from taking action keeps you where you are - keeps things the same. And there are a variety of reasons why people normally apply the brakes and don't take action. These reasons all come down to our non empowering Internal response to the idea of taking an action or any action. When we find ourselves not taking action, it is important to ask the question - How do you go from inaction to action?

And to answer that question, we need to ask ourselves further questions like, what place do we go to in our head when we are not taking action? - what emotions or thoughts do we go to. The answer to this question gives a clue as to how we can go from inaction to action - which is simply to resolve the place we go to in our heads. An example of a place we usually go to in our heads sometimes is our concept of NOT ENOUGH - that we are not enough, our knowledge is not enough, or are taking an action would not be enough, and to resolve this, we have to interrogate the idea of something not being ENOUGH.

Again by asking ourselves, NOT ENOUGH for what really? What would you have to be enough for? Next, let's look at ACTIONs we have taken so far that have not produced any change in our circumstances. The question again is why is that so? Everything you would notice comes down to asking questions of ourselves.

It is understandable for one who has taken no action on an issue to remain in the same place with that issue, but for one who has taken action or continues to take action but still is in the same place with that issue - that can be frustrating, and that could trigger the impulse to give up. We have to be clear or understand that we can take action and still not get the result we desire or still be in the same place. Sad I know, but to get a result with anything you have to understand its design, you have to have a complete picture of the design of how it works or is designed to work.

Because at any given point in time, We usually have our picture of reality, our current picture of reality, which is not always the full picture. The closer our picture of the reality of how things work is to the full picture of how things work, the greater our chances of succeeding with that thing. So the purpose of the action is to put to test our current picture of reality, to interrogate and update it to improve our chances of succeeding with a thing.

As humans, we usually form a picture or idea of something, and interact with that and not with the world - basically act out of that picture formed and never care to update it, and when we don't get the result we desire, we usually default to the idea that whatever we are going after is impossible, instead of the idea that a lack of result is a signal for us to do a picture update - to update our picture of the reality of how things work. Nobody is ever born with a complete picture of the world, it is built and updated continuously through our actions and through interrogating our thinking constantly. We start with a picture in our head of how things are designed to work, and then we constantly update it, and a signal for an update is when things have stayed the same for a long time, even though we have been taking action. To your Success in life and business. Your Personal Transformation And Business Clarity Guy. YOU CAN'T WIN IF YOU DON'T PLAY.

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