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You Magnet Your Kind.

To get tge right kind of friends around you then you have to be the right kind of friend for others. Like beget like.

You see, right from the beginning, God never made man be alone. There is power in association, especially associating with the right kind of people, friends that matter to your destiny and journey in life. You cannot tell me you don't indulge in a particular habit while your friends, those you spend your leisure time with, do such. It's just a matter of time before their lifestyle rubs off on you. The Bible says it is possible for evil communication to corrupt good manners. You are a good boy but keep hanging around bad people; what do you think will happen?

The Bible recorded that Daniel had three friends; these guys were intellectually sound like Daniel, feared God, had the same belief, were on the same career path, and were his prayer partners. These are the kinds of associations you need. Friends that can encourage you, that you benefit positively from, and vice versa.

God wasn't joking when he said in his Word that we should not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. You are light, and they are darkness, so what business do you have with them? God is not saying we shouldn't love them or help them; no! Matthew 22;37. What we are saying is this, your friends determine to a large extent if you will fulfill your purpose; they can either help you or hinder you. Be wise in choosing people that have access to you. Read 2Sam 13, and you will see the terrible advice that Amnon's friend gave to him, which landed him in destruction.

Don't forget that the quality of your life attracts the kind of people who match it. Upgrade yourself, be a better person, advance in knowledge, improve yourself, and be a greater version of who you are. You will see your companions either matching up to you or gradually leaving you because you are no longer in the same realm. As you keep improving, you also meet people that are better than you and whom you can relate to becoming even better.

Your friends should be adding value to you either spiritually, financially, morally, academically, or otherwise, even as you are adding value to other people's life.


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