Young Daddies !

A didactic message of caution, Truth and reality of the theme talk of love and romance with the issues arising thereafter the bundle of joys are born.

Sweet love,
The sugar in every teacup,
How yonder is your wonder,
Reality blurring the reels,
Of you been single, daringly,
Courting every eyes wink,
At you the dearest ❤️ love,
At heart on earthly living.

Oh, Young daddy,
Succulent soft face
Of the growing youthfulness,
Of a boy turned manlike,
Hear you are after Rose,
Not of the flower blurb,
Mills and Booms novels,
You read a while ago
My pal, reality TV is on
Many channels scream!

You are my exhortation,
Kindly slip away gently,
It is not of the wet ground,
Loving a love girl isn't kindergarten,
Only mature minds mingle,
Not hurt or haunted mash,
Straight learn the ropes.

If you say you love,
What is the stake in between
For you Manny starring 👁️ eyes
Seek, see the pot's beneath,
Of the pot of honey,
Pronto, your name,
Dictated from the web
Of the school scroll,
Of young daddies website.

If you aren't able, brother,
To act fatherly factor,
Similes like of your genes,
Set to poke you finger,
By your same loving Rose,
Whom sparkling fire couch
You amidst her sweet fragrance,
Of how nice, warm shelter,
Her as a flower your nearby refuge,
Now, the duo are with a seed bud,
The reality sets like a day's dawn.

Fathers can't be fine boys,
Anymore for their sins' suck,
Can seat while baby sleep,
Wake the table must be foodies,
I mean for the baby, hungry father,
Otherwise, Nebos riddles oust you,
Asking if love now sins,
Well, if you aren't ready to officiate,
Hustling till bones break assembly,
Expect to hear bees humming,

In the twilight by Nagging Rose,
Calling you names of nauseating,
Blaming the bemoaning days,
Both couched, laid twosome,
Nebos will hear the backlash,
Nebo's won't hear high heavens,
Never in the women's folder.

Young daddies,
Don't blame the veterans,
Like you father-father,
Alive or Dead,
For your sick of wants,
For ye now balling,
Yet, see the red sea beyond,
Yet sink like Egyptians,
Whom never task instincts,
From courage to crashing,
Yours flying the love aircraft,
Plane land at Airport De reality.
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