Young Once With Golden Pen

This script is to enhance my co-writers how effect their words have impacts in peoples life, and that people listen to your frame work through their heart.

You bless with ink 
That speaks through you
For it is your way 
That people find their way

There is power in your ink
That touches heart
And give endless thought
That things need to sought

With each stanza, let it be known
That you don't have to be alone 
Together through words we grow
That a poet heart is truly shown 

In a world full of right and wrong
Your poet voice is your song 
That help others to become strong
And find their voice they had all along 

In that your golden ink
That you blessed with 
In their healing growth 
That make change to their growth 
Choose your words and arrange wisely 
Someone is listening to your voice through their heart 


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