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Your First $1 Online - Step To Make Your First $1 Online

How to Make money online has been a recent research topic for many young aspiring individual. As an author who has being in the online business for decades, I decided to write this cheap money ebook to educate you on the easier and simplest way to make money online. This is the method I used to make my first $1 publishing ebooks, so you too can do same to earn in dollars monthly. Inside is the step by step guide on how to start.

Step by step method publishing ebook without writing it.

For many people, the idea of publishing a book seems so difficult and time-consuming, like scaling a thick thread through the eyes of a tiny needle. But the truth is that you can actually publish a book without writing a single word yourself. There are several methods for doing this. Just like a novice, I started publishing ebooks when I saw numerous testimonies online on how they made 1000 dollars monthly publishing on Amazon kdp and other book selling apps; I decided to hop in because things were so rough that I lost my job during the pandemic and couldn't reach out to any to get finance or support for a business. Honestly, the best decision I ever took was becoming a publisher. Presently I have used the drafted method to publish more books. Whenever I see my works and how recognized and outstanding they look, I feel happy about my efforts and becoming financially free. Why all these stories? To motivate you, my dear, that if Waris Eko can do it, you too can do it. Just follow the steps and do exactly what they say.

Step 1: Do you have an android phone in your hand? If yes. 

A. Download MICROSOFT WORD for typing on your phone 

B. Download Canva app for designs on your phone.

Go to payoneer.com to create an account with them if you don't have a US BANK ACCOUNT, for they will create one for you so as to be receiving money in dollars. They will send you an email, verify it and follow the steps to get your USA bank account number the next day.

For those of us who have a USA BANK account already, you don't need payoneer.com. Go to amazon or Kdp.amazon.com and create your account. With the same name on your local ID and bank account. Now, Pick a topic you know you can make an effective contribution to. Example; How to cook delicious spaghetti. Go to Google and search for it. When the methods and steps are out, copy and paste on the Microsoft word application (MSWORD) on your phone. Edit the write-up and increase the font to at least 100 words per page with good readable spacing. Add your contribution to the steps and method, and save your document. How do you save?

Check down the left of your phone screen on your after typing and editing, tap the tool icon with your thumb, tap save, tap location, tap document, type in the name of the document in the open space provided, and select doc. by tapping on the arrow by the right-hand side. Is the tap done or OK? With this, you have your ebook content ready. Next, you create a book cover in JPEG format for it on Canva Steps. From the topic, open the Canva app and create a book cover with the same title that is, "step by step guide on how to cook yam" remember, this is just an example. Follow the steps and pick any interesting topic of your choice.

Now that your Canva is opened. On the search bar. Type in the book cover. Select the design of your choice. Tap on the title topic and edit it to your own topic. Drag with your thumb to position the writeup properly; you can also add or change the sample picture, tap on the picture, and tap replace at the bottom screen. When done, look up the screen and tap the save bottom; after save, you go back to the work and tap download. Here is very important. You have to save the document on JPEG FORMAT because that's one format Amazon accept 

Tap on download and tap on the pdf arrow to change it to JPEG. When done, tap on the blue circle up by the right and tap download down. Then go check your picture gallery under Canva document to see your work well done. Now that your content and ebook cover is ready go to kdp.amazon.com and fill in the necessary book information; tap creates, and provide the owner's name, book summary, book title, tap download ebook, and go to your office document where you save it and download. Also, do the same on the cover, tap the book cover area and download the one in JPEG format, etc. Just fill in all the pages and add your account information by clicking account at the top of the form; close to where login is. Add the account information that payoneer.com sent to you in your email. That is if you don't have USA account, but if you have USA account, just fill in your account information.

Now it's time to publish our ebook. Tap on publish at the bottom of the page. After 72 hours of review, Amazon will email you that your book is now live on their page. That's an awesome experience if you ask me. Enjoying this action, you can create more books like 20 and above books to increase your monthly earnings.


Please drop a comment to encourage me as my fellow writer. Hugs 🫂

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