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Your Identity

Until you know who you are, why you are here and how to arrive at your destination then I'm sorry to say you are merely existing not living. Life is far more than that!

I never knew there was something called purpose; I never knew humans were made for a reason; though I was a regular church-goer, I just knew God existed somehow. I was admitted into Auchi polytechnic in Edo state, and that was where it all began, I attended a very simple Bible study that pierced my heart, and I confessed to Jesus as my Lord. It just seemed as if that particular season was for finding purpose; that was all I could hear around me; everything kept pointing in the same direction of me finding my purpose for life; the hunger was so intense, I just wanted to know! If God really made me fulfill something, he wouldn't hide it from me, right? I started seeking God's face in prayers and fasting, asking for that one thing, "why am I here, Lord"? If you have ever been desperate for something before then, you'll know what I'm talking about. There were a lot of things I didn't know about God and how he speaks to people, and this had one or two effects on me. On a particular day, I was reading my Bible after praying and crying to God, and I could remember my tears dropping on my Bible that very day; I found myself in Isaiah 58! When I got to verse 12, something struck me! I knew I had found something! A day that cannot be forgotten. Before I proceed, I would love to share these tips with you; they are really gonna help you.

1. The need for a guide or mentor; after raising my hand for the altar call and confessing Jesus, that was all! Nobody is looking out for anybody, which is not supposed to be so. And since I was new in the Fellowship, I couldn't hand myself over to someone to say, "I want you to mentor me"! Here's my advice, as a young believer, you need a spiritual guide, someone who is mature in the faith, to help ease your journey. If you don't have one, you can sincerely pray to God for one; I bet you he'll answer.

2. Your dreams and visions are subject to God's word. That's the safest and surest way to find purpose, sticking to God's word day and night, no matter how little.

3. Press further; whatever it is God has shown you or told you, and you feel it's not clear enough or you don't understand, don't give up. Keep asking. He is your father, so it is not too much to say, "Lord, I don't understand that dream; what do you really mean. Does it mean so and so"?

4. Read books; this is not only peculiar to finding purpose. There was a very big book I found talking about purpose, so I started reading and reading and getting more confused because my level of understanding wasn't up for it! Whatever it is that you need clarity on, you need to search for knowledge; the Bible said we should buy it and sell it not. Go for books that are as simple as possible; ask people around you; they'll guide you on which books to get.

5. God doesn't give you all the details. You cannot know everything about your purpose at once. Most times, God gives you the summary; he shows you the end but reveals the means to that end in phases. Take a look at Abraham in Genesis 12; 1-3. A Series of instructions followed after he accepted the call to walk with God.

You see, there is just one way to finding who you are and what you are here on earth for, the supreme being that made you. You didn't make it yourself; your parents didn't even make you! Jeremiah 1;5 that's not only for Jeremiah; it's for every one of his children. What about Revelations 4;11? God does want to make something beautiful out of your life; if you've never received him before, you've never been born again, then this is the perfect time to do so! Romans 10; 9&10

Just imagine God right there with you, not to judge or condemn you but to forgive you, so tell him how you feel, confess all that you have done and ask Him to forgive you. Tell him you won't go back to your sins anymore; he will in no wise cast you out.

Your Identity 2 is to be continued 

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