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Your Identity 2

The poorest person on earth is a man without a vision while the most frustrated man is the one with a vision but don't know how to fulfill it!

So as I was saying, there is a purpose to your living. Purposes are not made; they are God-given; they are discovered. You see, there's a difference between God's purpose and selfish ambition; it is what God gives you, the funds that are what he provides for. What is the one thing you are passionate about? What is that particular dream you keep having? What is that situation or problem that keeps drawing your attention that you keep saying within yourself, "this ought not to be so, or it could have been done this or that way" could it be that that is what you are wired to solve, repair, build or create?

If you have succeeded in getting your purpose revealed to you just as I have found mine, then we can talk about VISION. Vision; this is picturing your purpose in your mind. Seeing farther than your physical eyes can see. Has God told or shown you that you're gonna be a surgeon, a music minister, a teacher or a proprietor, a leader in the affairs of your nation? Whatever it may be, start visualizing it. God told Abraham far as your eyes can see. Your mind must do the seeing; first, your mind needs to process your vision before it becomes a reality. Don't limit your vision! When you have a vision, you have a direction, you develop a passion for it and invest in it, and you are willing to give it all it takes to realize them.

Without vision, you have a tendency to become a Jack of all trades and master of none! You keep generalizing and switching from one job to another because you don't know what you are meant to do! All you are after is making money; that's a very wrong approach to making money; you won't find fulfillment that way, your generation won't have anything to remember of you that way, and you won't impact lives that way. For example, you know that God wants you to be a medical doctor, own your hospital and help people through that, so what are those tools I need? How do I arrive at my destination?

1. Your Gift; Proverbs 18:16 A man's gift maketh room for him and bringeth him before great men.

God has put a special ability inside of you that will pave the way. You do them; naturally, it makes you do things uniquely, easily, happily, even without being paid. A gift is not bought; it is given. It is not a skill. It is not trained; it is discovered and developed. It is refined through different means, and education is part of them. Your gift is to be stirred up and used; that is what will attract the right kind of people and the opportunity to fulfill your vision. 2Tim 1;6. Whatever little opportunity you find to use it, grab such opportunity, and I tell you, you are gradually making your way to the top.

2. Gather knowledge generally but especially in your area of specialization. That is what you should learn more about, study people who are successful in that area, read their books attend seminars, conferences, e.t.c. Pursue true knowledge. You need to have the requisite level of illumination to take you from vision to reality. Knowledge is power, they say.

3. Your motives; Gen 12;1-3. God's purposes are not selfish; it has to benefit others, help others, and save others. Your vision is not all about you; it isn't all about riding cars, going on trips, changing wardrobes, or just living recklessly. No, if that is your priority or if that is what your ambition is all about, then something is wrong. We will be so blessed that we will be a blessing to others! That's exactly what God wants. Of course, we will enjoy the things of life, but that's not what we are seeking after; those things will come looking for us. They are for us to bless others and ultimately glorify God; that's the point I'm trying to make.

4. You need to be groomed; there's a popular saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day." You need grooming both by God and men. There's a process to everything in life; it takes time, it is gradual, and it doesn't happen at once. Don't dodge training, don't try to cut corners because you want to move faster; there are lots of things God needs you to pass through on your way to fulfilling purpose so let patience have her perfect work.

5. Write; whenever ideas come to your mind, pen them down, strategies, ideas, or whatever, just put them on paper. Let your visions and plans be documented so as to carry others that God will be bringing your way along. Habakkuk 2;2.

6. Be open to God's leading, don't be stiff to God's direction but be flexible in the hands of God.Psalm 37;5. You can't be too sure of yourself; we are humans. God wants you to carry him along in whatever you are doing; he also wants to have a say, so don't sideline him. The best way to give God pleasure is to fulfill His will(purpose) for your life!! Hope you've been blessed. You can reach me on my Facebook page for any clarification or questions.

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