Your Mother-in-law, Not A Witch!

This discovery will save so many youths going into marriage, liberate those who are already entangled in the web and finally put the so called religious merchants out of business.

As the saying goes, "in all thy getting, get wisdom." Through wisdom is a house built. So many marriages are troubled today, and some have collapsed. The reason behind most troubled and broken marriages is not far-fetched from lack of information. A critical look at this piece of information will go a long way to preparing every matured adult before going into any relationship and also educate those already in the mud on a possible way out.


Rhesus Factor is an antigen that exists on the surface of red blood cells in most people (about 85% of humans). It is also referred to as Rh Factor. People who have the Rh have "positive" (+) blood types, such as A+, O+ or B+ are said to be rhesus Factor positive, while those who have the Rh "negative" (-) blood types, such as A–, O– or AB– are said to be rhesus factor negative. The "+" and "-" after the blood group is the Rhesus factor. Generally, we have A+, A–, B+, B–, AB+, AB–, O+, and O–. Rhesus factor is genetic in nature. It is inherited from the parents, emphatically the father.

How does Rhesus Factor cause miscarriage?

If an Rh– woman is impregnated by a man with Rh–, there wouldn't be any problem. However, if an Rh– woman is impregnated by a man with Rh+, there would be a problem if the baby inherits Rh+from the father. We have here what is medically called Rhesus Factor Incompatibility. The baby

It would obviously be Rh+. During childbirth, once the baby's Rh+ comes in contact with the woman's Rh- during delivery, the antibodies are immediately activated by the woman's body's immune system. The activated antibodies would see the new Rh+ as a foreign body or a threat, and consequently, they would be on alert to attack and get rid of the foreign body. Unfortunately, as such, after this particular childbirth, the woman would keep having miscarriages because the activated antibodies would see subsequent Rh+pregnancies as foreign bodies and would keep fighting and taking them off. Women with Rh activated antibodies are said to be Rh sensitized, and once these antibodies are activated, they can never be deactivated until the woman dies. Rh-induced antibodies are activated in an Rh- woman by childbirth, abortion, miscarriage, and ectopic pregnancy. If an Rh– woman commits an abortion for a Rh+ man and the antibodies are activated in her system, the woman might end up childless throughout her life except if she later marries another man with the same Rh–. The possibility of an Rh– woman finding an Rh– man is slim as about 85% of human beings are Rh+.This is a warning to our young girls who commit abortions all in the name of boyfriend-girlfriend relationships. If you're a woman with Rh– and your fiance is Rh+, and you haven't committed abortion for him, and you don't want to leave him, then you need to take note of the following:

In order to prevent the activation of the antibodies, doctors would give women in this category an injection called Rhogam during and after pregnancy to prevent spontaneous abortion due to Rhesus factor incompatibility. The injection is normally administered 28 weeks into pregnancy, 72 hours after delivery, after ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, or abortion. If the injection is not administered and the antibodies are activated, they will never be deactivated again! In many African cultures up till today, women who are so unfortunate to find themselves having serial spontaneous abortions due to Rhesus factor incompatibility are considered witches by some of their people. Some of the women would accuse their in-laws of being behind their predicament. So, if you're a woman with Rh–, you need to be very careful. It might be difficult for you to get a

husband with an Rh– because about 85% of human beings are Rh+. So, in order not to find yourself in the aforementioned problem, put all that have been said at the back of your mind and go for genetic counseling. If you have a daughter or a sister with Rh–, counsel them on Rhesus Factor Incompatibility and the dangers are lying therein. It should also be noted that an Rh– person(man or woman) cannot receive blood donation from a Rh+ person even if they have the same blood group. The consequence of such blood transfusion is fatal. It would lead to death as the blood would clot. This is due to the incompatibility in their Rhesus factor. Know your Rhesus today, save your tomorrow, and together, let's kick out these religious merchants from our families. Your mother-in-law, father-in-law, or anybody else may not necessarily be the reason behind your childlessness.


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