Your Responsibility

You should be mindful of your impact on the lives of people who have gotten the opportunity to come across your path.

Never be a reason why they should look down on themselves, and never you be a cause why they should see others with a look of distrust. Either you strive towards making them better, or you leave them the way they are.

Every individual deserves to be happy, comfortable, and loved. Show them the attitude that would make them wish everyone was like you, and let them realize the essence of why they should continue living. Share not only in their happiness but also in their pains. How we understand and interpret situations differ; you might have met with some folks who are not so fortunate enough to single-handedly handle their situations effectively. 

Every individual needs the company of others. Sometimes, you condemn what may later become of them, you ostracize yourself from them because you feel they're not up to your standard, and at some other time, you look them awfully. Little did you know that it is your responsibility to see their conditions' solvability. 

Do not judge them based on your conclusion; endeavor to see in their own direction. Instead of shifting blames, provide solutions and treat them like you would treat a brother. If perhaps they were into wrongdoing before. They may begin the race of perfection because of the way you made them feel. Already, some persons have been demoralized and lost, and all they need for resuscitation is that particular person who would tell them that 'everything will be fine' and another fellow who would prove it in action and behavior.

Be of good cheer with everyone, do not harbor grudges. Consider everyone as though they are helpless and need your support and attention. This is how we can grow, be fulfilled, and make sense of our existence in this present society.


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