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Your Tomorrow Will Be Greater Than Today.

If you've grown taller, smarter, fatter, and more knowledgeable than you were ten years ago, you've got to change your mindset about your future. You have to believe that your tomorrow will be greater than today even if you presently have nothing to show. Be expectant and think big.

An orange seller who was hawking and advertising her product passed by. Though there was nothing new about that, I kept mute and peeped through the window as I admired her.

She was a beautiful young girl of about fifteen years old and looked responsible.

Something was catchy about her. That was the way she advertised her goods, this made the buyers buy more of the goods, and she sold to them happily.

I overheard her conversation with a buyer. "You no go put Jara?" the buyer asked. "I'm sorry, ma, oranges are expensive in the market. You know I told you fruits are good for one's health, so don't worry, when coming tomorrow, I'll bring along the extra I'll add when you buy ma," she said fluently and respectfully. And I was like, "This girl is a darling."

Then I heard myself asking, "What if she is brooding inwardly?"

"That doesn't stop her from being a darling. She's able to control her emotions, and it's not shown to the world that she is facing any challenge," I answered myself. I believe such a girl would have her ambition of becoming a great person. Maybe a Doctor or a Lawyer, but now, she is an orange seller.

I think she had to do that to assist her parents in catering for the family and she did very well and happily hoping that her future would be bright. "Such a wonderful girl" I exclaimed loudly and left the window for my diary and wrote this down:

People would react or respond to you just the way you approach them.

In everything you do, do it perfectly well.

The beginning does not matter, but the end speaks.

Always believe that no matter the challenges you're faced with, your tomorrow will be greater than today. Yes! Your confession should be; I know and am definite in my heart that my tomorrow will be greater than today.

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