10 months ago 146 1

Who Knows Tomorrow? Ep...

The uncertainty of life... As soon as Nnamdi shut the door b...

2 min read Dave
Okoro David Ukeh
10 months ago 124 1

Treat People With Love

This poem depicts the need to show love to everyone that you...

1 min read Durable
Nnamdi Henry Duru
9 months ago 89 1

Bloody Hostel 🩸chapter...

SUSPENDED: Tom regretted his action. He never wanted to do i...

7 min read Manuel
Mamman Emmanuel
8 months ago 53 1

How To Master Self-disc...

Stay motivated...We have come to the end of the series for t...

2 min read Nenubari
Kpogio, Nenubari...
9 months ago 73 1

My Narrow Escape From D...

this fiction is about a man who traveled to a village and al...

8 min read Amania
Wisdom Sunday
8 months ago 90 1

Tales By Moonlight

TALES BY MOONLIGHT: A true-life story about a night fright s...

7 min read LawrencePaul
Lawrence Enyinda...
11 months ago 135 1


To someone out there who feels different from others, you wi...

2 min read Josephine
Josephine Oluwaf...
9 months ago 88 1

Living Without Ken

Living Without Ken: Two mid-age lovers engage in a phone cal...

5 min read Dibayah
Ndidi Ugo-nkwoala
10 months ago 94 1

A War I Must Fight

Against all sorts of abuse against women and the female gend...

3 min read Favoriwrites
Musa Favour Busay...
9 months ago 56 1


Silence is a motionless response of the wise, you don't need...

1 min read DBpen
Akinlabi Deborah...
11 months ago 487 1

5 Ways To Know That A T...

When new crypto projects are launching, they usually give Ai...

6 min read Domax
Dominic Imhonopi
8 months ago 100 1

A Cross

An overview of how life is from the other side of the world...

6 min read M.Chukwuzoba
Abba Mark Chukwuz...
9 months ago 65 1

Granny's Mansion

💢 GRANNY'S MANSION 💢 I have a dream and I see it so clearly....

2 min read iniobongante
Dr Iniobong Ante
8 months ago 71 1

The Man I Call Uncle

When you live a life of lies, it's hard to know what is true...

10 min read Oma
Monica Ama
10 months ago 83 1


Ofofon Godwin: Lately there have been reports around town ab...

5 min read damian-king
Damian King
9 months ago 82 1

It Is Done

"It is done".I said holding the cūtlass as blōōd dripped in...

2 min read Peterpen
Onabanjo Peter
9 months ago 54 1


Pain is only pained if you "think" it's pain...I know it's a...

1 min read Ganiya
Ganiya Durojaiye
10 months ago 105 1

My Name Is Cain - 6

I was about to leave the field when I heard the sound of wat...

6 min read damian-king
Damian King
9 months ago 84 1

An Abandoned Diary

This diary is not mine, I actually thank God for that, it be...

8 min read Oscar
Oscar Okparaji
10 months ago 184 1

The Old Man Vs The Old...

Things that happen on the account of man's life that often r...

55 sec read Dave
Okoro David Ukeh
9 months ago 58 1


I was wanted dead but God used my friend for me...Aziza has...

4 min read Peculiar
Yetunde Makinwa
9 months ago 89 1

The Ransom

THE RANSOM: The highest price ever paid. The ultimate sacrif...

5 min read LightPENN
Oluwafemi Makanju...
10 months ago 102 3

Demons Are Real

I never knew he was a demon until he did the unthinkable.

5 min read Moreenikia
Omofomah Victoria
9 months ago 74 1

Sexual Sin

I want to talk about sexual sin and how to be free from it f...

39 min read Youcy Jesus
Uchechukwu Ozua
8 months ago 81 1

Heaven's Doors Are Alwa...

To him that KNOCKS the Door shall be Opened( Matt 7:8)Notice...

6 min read Claremary
Ibiam Prince Amau...
11 months ago 163 1

Incessant Killings In N...

This post describes insecurity as the most unruly factor the...

4 min read asshibly
Abdulhakami Junai...
10 months ago 121 1

Diary 😘

My last words on earth… It's me again. Didn’t write to you f...

5 min read peter-echo-ojah
Peter Echo Ojah
7 months ago 47 1

Who Set The Standards?!

Who set the standards?! Probably you!... A few days ago, I s...

1 min read Ekwaadoo
Bari-ekwaadoo Lek...
11 months ago 223 1

The Walls Of Human Dest...

Humans triggered the destruction of themselves, and they fou...

4 min read thompson-olofin
Thompson Olofin
8 months ago 91 1

A Woman Can Have It All...

A woman has so many things in life militating against her gr...

4 min read opeabod
Opeyemi Adeneye A...
11 months ago 147 1

Handling Domestic Viole...

This short piece of work is just a guide on how ladies shoul...

5 min read Deemmy
Okon Divine
6 months ago 89 2

Peter Vs The University...

This story is about a boy named Peter and his experiences in...

2 min read Simon
Okuwhere Simon
8 months ago 127 1

One More Hurdle

"If you have a reason why these two cannot be joined togethe...

21 min read PreciousMartins
Precious Martins
11 months ago 114 1

Choosing A Career Path

I have a guide with a personal story of mine. This shows us...

7 min read Deemmy
Okon Divine
8 months ago 68 1

Low Budget Decent.

There was this ex of mine I loved to mess with. And it was a...

4 min read Imaginarypen
Yong Faith Asenam
10 months ago 144 1


COMING OUT SOON...My name is Bibiana. My friends love callin...

15 min read damian-king
Damian King
7 months ago 63 1

Another 25 Musings By B...

ANOTHER 25 MUSINGS BY BARI-EKWAADOO (contd): If the previous...

7 min read Ekwaadoo
Bari-ekwaadoo Lek...
6 months ago 51 1

Punch Fear In The Face

If you know better, you will do better and grow better...The...

3 min read Naomipen
Naomi Jerome
11 months ago 88 1

Why Men Marry Late

This explains ten reasons why men do not marry early.

2 min read Jsmart
Jeremiah Ayoyo
7 months ago 45 1

The Purpose Of Pain

In this article you will learn the value of pain, what it ha...

3 min read Kollinsseun
Collins Oluwaseun