10 months ago 168 2

Don't Kill Me.

This is a short story centred on sexual assault. The sharp...

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Boluwatife Salvat...
9 months ago 63 2

Know What Works For You

Do not define what should happen in your marriage with your...

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Onyema Blessing
7 months ago 98 2

2 Myths About Writing Y...

If you're a writer, this article is for you... Writing is on...

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Bari-ekwaadoo Lek...
9 months ago 78 2

My Heart Was Out My Mou...

My Heart Was Out My Mouth But I Sat Still: The uniting abili...

4 min read IgangaJeremiah
Jeremiah Iganga A...
10 months ago 97 2

The Tale Of A Beggar

Every second, a pair of legs walked past, sending up wisps o...

12 min read TheSheThatWrites
Blossom Chukwuma
9 months ago 182 2

Egotistic Spermatozoan

The spermatozoan visionary takes over his territory, planet...

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Lina M-ember Ama
10 months ago 108 2


Every man is born with a star. The brightness of a man's sta...

1 min read Linablaster
Lina M-ember Ama
9 months ago 71 2

Emerging Socio-politica...

This article analysis the emerging socio-political trends in...

11 min read Rahaman
Rahaman Onike
9 months ago 74 2

The Picture

A weird event of fear...The wall clock was ticking, and the...

2 min read Inspisig
Edeh Mmesoma
9 months ago 82 2

Issues, Prospects And C...

This article discusses issues, prospects and challenges affe...

20 min read Rahaman
Rahaman Onike
9 months ago 61 2

Being Yourself

I am a hard nut to crack; Neither am I stubborn nor adamant;...

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Eluwole Victor
8 months ago 100 2

The Candy (+18) Section...

From the last section, (..."That's my wife; I can't wait to...

7 min read M.Chukwuzoba
Abba Mark Chukwuz...
11 months ago 460 2

What's Happening To The...

This comedy unveils the multifaceted nature of some girls on...

6 min read Immanuelmiles
Emmanuel Adindu
7 months ago 45 2

Had I Know

"Had l know" has been the song of some adults." Had l know"...

2 min read Chypen
Chidimma Nnebedum
9 months ago 82 2

Say No To Body Shaming

This article deals with how we consciously and subconsciousl...

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Okoye Rita Ngozi
6 months ago 65 2

Options Before The Nige...

As present day realities of uncertainties have dawn on us, w...

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Bruno Onyes
10 months ago 282 2

The Death Of Ikemefuna:...

This article seeks to analyze the impact of killing Ikemefun...

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James Owoicho
8 months ago 105 2

What Every Child Must K...

Continuation of what Every Child Must Know Before 18+... CHA...

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Ibeh Simon
11 months ago 116 2

Perfect Gentleman

Raised by highly esteemed parents, Gerald is expected to wal...

7 min read Zengoddess
Queen Ucheoma
11 months ago 178 2

Ibadan - City Of Rust A...

Ibadan, the Political Capital of Yorubaland, is a city built...

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Crownsamuel Tv
10 months ago 109 2

Dreg Of Religion

This is a daring narrative poem that is an adaptation of the...

2 min read Immanuelmiles
Emmanuel Adindu
10 months ago 61 2

It Is Well

A poem that gives or restores hope to the hopeless. Silently...

2 min read victor-agidigbi
Victor Agidigbi
10 months ago 83 2

The Shackles Of Passion

The Absurdity of Love - What is Love? Love is basically a bi...

2 min read Azmoth
Chris Alih
10 months ago 93 2

Awareness Of Ignorance

A wake-up call - Not ignoring Eastern philosophy, but the Gr...

3 min read Azmoth
Chris Alih
11 months ago 172 2

Grieving In Love

Chapter two: Jane is excited to meet the handsome, new guy s...

8 min read Geltlestar
David Angel Onyin...
11 months ago 111 2

Self Esteem

Why do I feel so bad about myself? Why do I keep comparing m...

4 min read SeRity
Apever Sedoo
10 months ago 56 2

My Weakness

My weakness is a poem I wrote in 2020 describing how submiss...

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Abdullahi Zakari...
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This is a poem showing the importance of coming together as...

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Ajibola Adewale S...
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Tunde, Omo Ìyá Olójà.

Tunde has killed his mother's friend. This is the evil that...

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Boluwatife Salvat...
9 months ago 85 2

My Doom

The story is centered around a young girl, who out of greed...

5 min read Jessica Orji
Jessica Orji
9 months ago 91 2


A Short Story about love and betrayal. Sometimes men just ac...

12 min read Benatyap
Benatyap Didams B...
10 months ago 137 2

My Healing

My healing is a short story of a woman who was sexually assa...

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Oluwatoyin Odunuy...
8 months ago 58 2

Before My Son Is Born

Just how much of a dad I wish to become...Before my son is b...

4 min read Kelvin Writes
Kelvin Osawe
10 months ago 78 2

Not A Story

Every artist at one point tells their story; Or something ab...

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Orangun Samuel Ol...
8 months ago 81 2


Olaedo's beauty shone. She was ebony in complexion and had a...

7 min read Zengoddess
Queen Ucheoma
8 months ago 58 2

Of What Use Is Cry

If our cries and yelling don't bring back the dead, they're...

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Kolawole Tajuddee...
8 months ago 61 2


'Alioma' means Good land. When my sister enters labor, my mo...

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Divina O. Otu
6 months ago 69 2

How I Sacrificed My Vir...

My Story, My Life, My Secret ! HOW I SACRIFICED MY VIRGINITY...

29 min read Uchendu
8 months ago 101 2

The Sowing And Reaping...

It is a universal Truth that time and season control Human a...

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Catherine Omoniwa
9 months ago 136 2

Edge Of The Knife

Living life on earth is like living on the edge of a knife;...

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Lina M-ember Ama