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How To Spot Fake News O...

This is a short article to help online users to identify and...

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David Angel Onyin...
9 months ago 73 2

Never Again!

I am not going to open the door for him because I don't want...

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Adejumo Precious
10 months ago 63 2

We Live In A Society Ii

We live in a society; where the poor work tirelessly; all da...

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Ajibola Adewale S...
8 months ago 69 2

Chasing Dreams

If wishes were horses, everybody would ride. Many have dream...

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Osunlolu Oluniyi
10 months ago 96 2


Short poetry on rape in our society...For my homework; He'd...

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Favour Artimas Ez...
9 months ago 190 2

Woman In Tech

I applied for a writing job. It was worth $500. In the final...

2 min read Lion
Shaibu Daniel Olu...
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Rendition 1

If a story were to be told by five eyewitnesses, the version...

13 min read Linablaster
Lina M-ember Ama
10 months ago 189 2

Childhood Down The Memo...

A short story dedicated to the celebration of the world's ch...

2 min read Dave
Okoro David Ukeh
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Why Death Is Not Always...

These are the types of death that you don't know about...The...

4 min read sozo
Boluwatife Salvat...
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The Man Of April 8

Dedicated to a living Legend Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, all the uprig...

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Michael C Obiesie
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This is a sequel to “Letters to Subola". The definition of w...

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Boluwatife Salvat...
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Present Techy Skills To...

A lot of people need to stop seeing Tech or being techy as s...

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Victor Chisom Fra...
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Parents Can Be Wrong To...

Most of the causes of depression in our world today stirs fr...

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Yong Faith Asenam
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The Mystic Blowing In T...

Here is an article that cries out loudly with the hope of fi...

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Ajibola Adewale S...
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Masturbation, June 6

Do you know that masturbation can slow down your success?

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More Than The Beat Of A...

MORE THAN THE BEAT OF A PULSE is a short description of love...

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Esla Jephthah Enj...
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What Are Self Help Book...

In this concise article, I'm going to show you how books can...

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Bari-ekwaadoo Lek...
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Prostitute Heart...virg...

This short poem describes the state of a writter's heart in...

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Desire Umoh
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Take The Right Challeng...

Take The Right Challenge, June 6: HOW I LURED MYSELF INTO EV...

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Surrounded (1)

"Busayo, did you say you didn't poison my mother's food?" Mr...

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Igboasia Chisom L...
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Bigmanism, The Syndrome

should "Bigmanism" be encouraged in interpersonal relations?

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Adenmosun Oluwato...
10 months ago 154 2

Silent Pains

This is a short story centred on little family issues.

3 min read sozo
Boluwatife Salvat...
10 months ago 218 2

The Importance Of Readi...

What an elder sees sitting down, a child who reads can see i...

8 min read GUERRERO
Victoria Ali
9 months ago 157 2

My Mother; Your Mother.

Mother, I love you. This is a praise poem - panegyric. - for...

2 min read sozo
Boluwatife Salvat...
9 months ago 116 2

The Dawn

The early hours of the day and it brought forth...when it wh...

46 sec read Nathaniel Tibitus
Nathaniel Tibitus
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Lost Passion

This poem is a voice of a distressed bemoaning his lost pass...

1 min read Elijah E. Ebute
Elijah E. Ebute
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Pregnant Nkiru

Are protruding stomachs always a sign of pregnancy?... When...

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The sun shines on everyone without discrimination. Yet certa...

1 min read Linablaster
Lina M-ember Ama
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A Twist Of Events

Sometimes, the people who appear as saints and the actual de...

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10 months ago 125 2

Ibro Story

Just read dear world, this is ••~•IBRAHIM UNTOLD STORY•~••

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Peter Echo Ojah
10 months ago 117 2

The Devil Is The Same E...

Inspired by True story - The man in the suit pulled Tunde to...

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Tope Jaji
11 months ago 216 2

Living The Dream

Chapter two. Grace faces a hard time switching to Art. She d...

21 min read Geltlestar
David Angel Onyin...
9 months ago 135 2

Can You Fight Change?

The world will keep changing. You can't stop it. What you ca...

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Bari-ekwaadoo Lek...
8 months ago 77 2

Arrows From Home.

The Noise coming from the closed wardrobe woke me up. I am a...

10 min read Naomi
9 months ago 91 2

Gold And Fire

It's a story about us. How we sometimes leave the place of m...

5 min read Antidote
Chidozie Uchenna...
10 months ago 220 1

Right To Write

This literary work aims to bring to the consciousness of lat...

2 min read Dave
Okoro David Ukeh
9 months ago 55 1

Mkpurumma (my Beauty)

The poem showers praise on the beauty of a damsel...Mkpurumm...

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Nonyelu Linda
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Corruption Is Not Our I...

Zanna Ali Haruna is a poet, writer, and community health wor...

6 min read Poetzanna
Zanna Ali Haruna
9 months ago 53 1

Choose Your Words

CHOOSE YOUR WORDS: Your Child Is Not The Problem, Your Words...

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Edeh Mmesoma
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Lasting Solemn Days (ep...

The scent of hatred permeates a living abode with everything...

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